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The program may recognize the important role that parents play in shaping their children's future and building long-term wealth and success.

Parent Financial and Family Development Services:

Parent Support and Bonding Activity (Conducted by a Licensed Therapist)

Financial literacy:
Many parents struggle with financial literacy, so it is important to teach them the basics of budgeting, saving, and investing. This includes helping them understand credit, debt, and retirement planning.

Parenting skills:
It is important for parents to develop strong parenting skills, including effective communication, financial leadership, and building a supportive family environment.

Parents often put their own needs last, but it is important for them to prioritize self-care. This includes taking time for themselves, managing stress, and building healthy habits.

Career development:
Help parents develop the skills they need to succeed in their careers, including resume writing, interview skills, networking, and job search strategies.

Time management:
Many parents struggle with time management, so it is important to teach them how to prioritize tasks, set goals, and manage their time effectively.

Health and wellness:
Teach parents about the importance of physical and mental health, including exercise, nutrition, and stress management.

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